Odv Mici Randagi Watamu Kenya Torino Italia

Hi. Am Disney.

Heard of me? I live in Disneyland. Do I?😹😹😹😹 Am just kidding.

I live at Valeria’s. No,no, no… I forgot. Nowadays, I live at Mama Niky’s house.

I really wish everyone cared about animals like Valeria, Mama Niky and the association that always supports them (I heard this from them.

They talk good things about the association a lot! And I listen.

Am a good kitten, right?) Few weeks ago, I didn’t have a name.

I can’t remember my mother’s face. What I remember is I was very hungry, alone, crying in the streets.

Some little boys picked me up.

Maybe they have milk, I thought. I was brought to Mama Niky’s house. I cried all the time. Due to a virus outbreak, I went with Valeria to her house.

It is a very nice place! Hotel for cats😋.

I was given baby cat milk time to time and my bed was always warm. I think they call it a heating pad🤔. I met so many cats including Little Jonh and Robinhood, the cat Buddha. Heard of them? It has been all fun but am a bit sad right now.

Valeria left for Italy. I learnt some little Italian just to say safe journey ,”Buon viaggio!” That’s all I know… Am still a young kitten 🤷🏿‍♂️.

Now, I am at Mama Niky’s house. She plays with me a lot.

She does not want me to cry or feel sad. I’ve seen Juma, Kazungu and Aisha. They remind me of Rama back at Valeria’s house.

I met one more person, Kelvin!😁 Young boy with long hair.

He plays with me too. Ooh! I forgot… You want to see my small teeth? I’ll send a selfie to the group.